Who we are

Welcome to EJJ Industrial Electrical. We offer electrical services to both Industrial and Domestic customers and can help you with all your electric needs. With years of experience and customer satisfaction EJJ should be your preffered choice in electrical work.

Fixed Dimensions

Images with fixed dimensions
  1. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  2. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  3. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  4. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  5. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  6. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  7. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  8. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  9. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  10. EJJ Industrial Electrical

  11. EJJ Industrial Electrical


Some of our work

On the lefthand side you can view some of our on site work that we have done.

24/7 Services

Time Managed

Best Quality

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